That's right - there are new muffin mixes on the market that are free from milk, egg, peanut and tree nuts.  Meraby's Allergy Family Foods brings to you boxed muffin mix in 2 flavors, Classic Blueberry and Cranberry Orange.  They do contain wheat and they list they may contain traces of soy.  The Cranberry Orange mix has sunflower oil in it.  We recently received 2 sample boxes.  I made the Classic Blueberry.  They were very moist.  If I make them in the future, I would probably add more blueberries to get more blueberry flavor.  They tasted great with a hint of blueberry.  I just happen to make a more hearty blueberry muffin.  Very very quick and easy to make - just add water and oil and pour into your paper lined muffin tins.  Melinda has the Cranberry Orange and is going to try the alternative recipe on the box to make pancakes.  That's right - you can make these muffin mixes into pancakes too.  Enjoy.

-Melissa Dalton


03/30/2011 00:04

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