That's right - there are new muffin mixes on the market that are free from milk, egg, peanut and tree nuts.  Meraby's Allergy Family Foods brings to you boxed muffin mix in 2 flavors, Classic Blueberry and Cranberry Orange.  They do contain wheat and they list they may contain traces of soy.  The Cranberry Orange mix has sunflower oil in it.  We recently received 2 sample boxes.  I made the Classic Blueberry.  They were very moist.  If I make them in the future, I would probably add more blueberries to get more blueberry flavor.  They tasted great with a hint of blueberry.  I just happen to make a more hearty blueberry muffin.  Very very quick and easy to make - just add water and oil and pour into your paper lined muffin tins.  Melinda has the Cranberry Orange and is going to try the alternative recipe on the box to make pancakes.  That's right - you can make these muffin mixes into pancakes too.  Enjoy.

-Melissa Dalton


Check out the calendar.  We've added meetings.  On off months, we may plan some Cheat and Eats for an evening out on the town and/or a family outing.  Slated topics for this year include:  Managing Food Allergies in School and Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disorders (Diagnosis and Treatment).  Please let us know what else you'd like to discuss at a meeting or if you have a speaker to recommend.


Please bear with us.  Late 2007 and early 2008 have been very busy for us (personally).  We're running behind in getting our 2008 schedule up and running and want you to know we want to meet with you as much as you want to meet with others.  We thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.  We are here for your regardless.  If there is something you need help with, please contact either Melissa DaltonMelinda Miller or Lisa Chavis.


Help physicians at Children's Memorial Hospital learn more about food allergy and its impacts!  Click on the link below to take their 15 minute survey for parents of children with food allergy. 

Food Allergy Survey: 

**If you are unable to click on the link, please copy & paste it into your web browser.


COFAF member, A. Cohen, has reported the CAMP KAT (Kids All Together) will be a peanut/tree nut free event.  CAMP KAT which will benefit special needs children from all backgrounds is being hosted by the Jewish Community Center of Metropolitan Detroit on Sunday, March 2nd.  Please click below for more information.

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Check this out.  Our medical advisor, Dr. Harvey Leo of Allergy & Immunology Associaties of Ann Arbor, will be addressing parents from the Farmington Public Schools on Monday, February 11th at a parent forum.  Food allergies are the topic of the meeting.


Recently, I was contacted by Karry Brook, owner of Wee Wee Wear, a local novelty clothing company based in metropolitan Detroit.  Karry is not only a business-woman, she is also the mother of a 2 year-old with food allergies and is expecting her second child.  Wee Wee Wear has created a line of t-shirts and buttons to raise awareness about food allergies.  The concept is very cute and features whimsical illustrations of common food allergens with a tagline of "help us make friends.  fighting for a cure for food allergies."  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to benefit The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) Walk for Food Allergy in Milford, Michigan.  Please check out Karry's fun creations at


The Martha Stewart organization is running a contest that asks the public to vote for "The Big Idea" -- the company's next business venture.  A food allergy magazine is one of the options.   Votes are unlimited and the deadline is February 7.  Please vote as often as possible over the next few days, and be sure to forward this note to your friends and family.  You can also post comments on Martha's blog.  To vote, just click on this link and scroll down to vote:   

Thanks for supporting this potentially great resource and awareness-raising tool for food-allergic families.  


Hello all.  Melissa Dalton, President of COFAF here.  We've been out of touch with our members lately and I want to apologize to those who have missed us, because we have certainly missed you.  We are working to streamline our activities and become more efficient in order to serve you better.  Thus the launch of this new website.  We hope you like it.  Check back to The Circle blog to get updated information regarding our group.  Here we'll also pass along information as we learn it, from new research study publications to pieces of information in the media of interest to recipes and new products.  We look forward to this new avenue of communication with our members.  We also want your feedback - so please be sure to share your comments.